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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Chris Stapleton and Sturgill Simpson - Midnight Train To Memphis (SNL)

I am admittedly not a huge fan of country music, at least not what is considered "country" these days.....but these two guys have long been my two favorites when it came to the alternative side of country and always thought what a great duo they could be.  Now I'm just waiting to hear about the tour, or *gassssssp* an album.  Enjoy

Saturday, January 27, 2018


NF is someone I have followed from his start and it's his energy, passion, honesty, and motivation that have always drawn me into his music.  He really pulls you in, grabs your attention, and makes you think.  His productions are always top notch, and his rhyming, styles are always stellar.  You don't need to listen to much of his music to realize that he is a very religious man, and also doesn't swear unnecessarily like most main stream rappers these days.  I draw comparisons to Eminem not because of his skin tone, but more in his ability invoke the feeling like he is speaking directly to you, and only you.  I'll share some of favorite tracks of his latest album. 


Remember This

One Hundred

Let you Down


Greta Van Fleet

Recently discovered these guys and was completely blown away by the reminiscent of Led Zeppelin and that old time classic rock...